Thursday, November 15, 2007

funny how the past catches up >>

today I was asked to judge a competition, and it was a very interesting job indeed.
there are a very few people who have known me a long time that may remember I was a textile designer for a time after finishing art school. of course I have continued in the design field but to be asked to judge a textile competition was something I have never done before (the only thing I have been judging lately are surfing competitions).
I had such a difficult time deciding the winners, spending more time that I had set aside but it was such good fun and I have even got some ideas of my own from it.

I haven't got any pictures of it yet but when all the entrants & winners have been told I will try to get some pictures up.


davidthedesigner said...

And you got to judge John Galliano as well. That's cool.

CrazyChick said...

well i do textiles its a great thing to do

ii wud never do it as a living tho so boring hehe

surf98/dgeorge said...

The Mr Galliano look alike didn't win, a girl called Hannah did.