Friday, September 07, 2007

rugby world cup >> france

the rugby world cup starts tonight so I had to mention it. I have always liked rugby, my 9 year old plays for the local team down here, (properly because I am to old, too slow, too fat, and too injured to play any more) but he seems to like it, so I will continue to encourage him as long as he enjoys it.
with so many global events having a marketing and promotion strategy that leaves some of my students asking me why is so bad (london 2012 & the osaka world athletics, for example). at least I can say that I really genuinely like the logo.
shame I cant say the same about the england shirt it reminds me of the crystal place football shirt from the early 70's. but on current form and I hope I am wrong we won't be seeing england progressing to far.the organising committee logo is another good one, I even like the style of the map of all the stadiums being used. taken from the official web site. there must be something wrong I am normally more grumpy than this!

I will be watching the opening tonight in the hope that argentina do well against france, (though I secretly would like france to win the whole thing!)


Graham said...

All has started well,some excellent games, I lost a couple of bucks on the France/Argentina game. Lots to watch over the next 6 weeks. Its France and The Kiwis in the finals.
Ha, let the games begin

surf98/dgeorge said...

England have to sort themselves out hope they do but I still think France might find something, to good a team to loose again. Has to be New Zealand (they are the ones to beat).