Monday, September 24, 2007

lo-fi creative >> surprisingly rare

it is not unusual for me to get email from people of of the blue as it were (I get loads everyday), especially as I run a the surf forecast and information web site surf98, we are in our tenth year online so the user base is reasonably big as well as loyal.
as I was checking through my email today for some reason a mail form anna at lo-fi creative caught my attention probably because the email mentioned design and surfing in the same sentence that is surprisingly rare!

even though I was kind of busy (trying to explain business practice and agenda writing to a very restless bunch of students) I thought I would have a look. I emailed back to say that a passion for surfing and design can only be a good thing.

I was so pleased that when I got some time to check the site I liked it and straight away decided to write this piece.

I have never met anna & they are not paying me to put this up. the first impression is enough for me to to get them on dgthekneelo, even perhaps put them on surf98 with a link through to the t-shirts you never know?

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