Thursday, September 13, 2007

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I have often checked stuff that the students I teach as well as what my own children look at on the internet as well as how they use it. it is for many reasons not just the obvious (their security).
I often get ideas for new ways of teaching ICT in the classroom, I nearly always find that the younger they are the more intuitive they are. perhaps it is because they are not being scared to try stuff without thinking things might go wrong with the 'expensive machine'.

the other day I was amazed to find that my normally busy, happy, sporty, easily distracted 9 year old was sitting silently at my computer totally absorbed. I had to see what was so good, he was watching lego films on youtube.
the good thing after I had managed to get him away from the computer he continued to play with his own lego even having a go at making his own films with improvised sets. I don't get cross now when I tread (barefoot it really hurts) on his lego all over the front room floor early in the morning. I am pleased with the creativity and the thinking behind making new stuff from created stuff.

obviously this film is not one of his but it I like it, give it a chance its really quite good.

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