Wednesday, August 29, 2007

what's in a number >> 64

whilst I was in france I had my 'let's see if there is anything new' eyes on. I found many things that interested me but this was the best. what a fantastic idea market the number of the region/area of france with the best waves 64.
64 is the number that is the prefix for car number plates (so residents) registered in the local area, as well as the prefix for all local postal addresses. putting it within a surf context takes the number and makes it more. without promoting the 'locals only' attitude that is common in many parts of cornwall, california, and australia.

the marketing was very subtle as the number just appeared on surfers cars as a sticker and sponsored the the life guards t-shirts. I had to find out what it was and eventually found the small shop that was the centre of the '64' empire in guethary, (pays basque) deep in the heart of serious surfing in europe.

the brand is being marketed so well and controlled in my opinion that it will sit happily along side the major surf labels without having to compete at all, as it is cool already.

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