Tuesday, August 28, 2007

safely back >> I have to go away to realise how lucky I am?

we had a great few weeks in france, driving more than 2000 miles. we went chasing the surf and found some good waves south of biarritz, as well as thunderstorms and unusual conditions for the time of year. as the french coast, like the californian coast is experiencing some strange weather conditions. california suffering the coldest summer on record and south west france not fairing much better as well as having some strange tidal conditions, said to be caused by climate change probably because people like me are driving 2000 miles just to go surfing!! at least it is better than flying to bali as far as carbon footprint.

I thought I would put this picture in taken yesterday after surfing very near where we live in cornwall & wonder why we travel so far looking for something that is on our door step. all that said I would move to the basque area of france if I had the chance!


davidthedesigner said...

I've had someone arrive on my blog after doing a Google search for 'compulsory corsets' (see http://www.davidthedesigner.com/davidthedesigner/2007/08/compulsory-cors.html ).

I wonder whether they'll also turn up on yours looking for a 'basque'?

surf98/dgeorge said...

Nice one david, and they would be very welcome!
I have to say I have been thinking about the butcher and the rabbit joke all day. Thanks, david george.