Friday, August 31, 2007

lemon curd >> a rabbit?

I believe in concious streaming, I don't mean going with the flow but stopping to take note of a stream of thought. I had already decided was I would be writing this blog about today when I was in the kitchen & carol asked me for a lemon curd sandwich!
I have never liked lemon curd and so never taken much notice of the stuff. but the making of the sandwich changed things I looked at the label and almost made me want to even eat the stuff, excellent piece of marketing and design. the change didn't stop there I have just been on the curd making company's web site bitontheside it is a really good site in my opinion and I realised that I have been enjoying the more savoury fayre they provide for a while.

never mind concious streaming I still keep thinking of the rabbit and the butcher joke on davidthedesigners blog, have a look it is a good one. and what is more it doesn't matter, the blog that was planned can wait for another time.

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