Thursday, July 26, 2007

more marketing >> rip curl

more on marketing, the surfing industry really has grabbed the marketing guys and gone full out. never mind the mildly amusing renault/rip curl TV adverts in the UK.
but surfing the rip curl way seems still seems to be for every-one except people who actually surf. probably because that is where the money is, real surfers never have any money.

next week down here in the south west the rip curl boardmasters will be under way. as a side show there actually will be some surfing going on. along with the 'nuts magazine' beach babes, a car show, a music festival, and official music festival, a beach festival and all in the name of rip curl.
don't misunderstand me I am not against the rip curl boardmasters, it is a fantastically well organised important event for the south west of the UK.
any way on the subject of rip curl I do like their watches especially this one!

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