Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the dump >> recycling

first day of the summer break and already I was at the local waste disposal unit/recycling centre or the dump as it was. I was amazed at just how much it had changed since christmas. we have a good paper/plastic/glass/clothes/cardboard by-weekly recycling door-to-door collection but bigger things have to be taken to the unit so I loaded my truck and headed to the dump.
I had old wall tiles, bits of the old bathroom (basin toilet, etc.), even so old lead piping that we replaced. as well as on my second trip a large chair. another chair and a large sofa go in the morning. our new front room furniture (now in place) was bought second hand from some friend and nice it looks.

I was pleased to see that instead of a few huge dumpsters with anything chucked in them as is was ready for landfill. they were really strict with what went where and it really seemed that a very large percentage of the stuff was really being recycled.
living in the south west we have a large number of visitors in the summer so the amount of waste is enormous, and puts a great strain on the relatively poorly resourced local councils. it is good to see that the cornwall recycling guys have got things in place. just time for us to do our bit.

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