Thursday, June 07, 2007

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yes you guess it another very busy day but time enough have picked this rose from my garden, it a a special type (not sure the name I will tell you tomorrow). my mum gave it to me last year. I am afraid that is all I have to say for my self. if I get a chance I will post a proper blog tomorrow afternoon, the dust might have settled by then, but the way things are going I can't be sure.


davidthedesigner said...

I sense that you've just met that make-or-break time - do you carry on, or do you stop this blogging baloney?

I think you're stretching yourself a bit too thin, what with this, the twitter, the flickr, the podcast and goodness knows what else (not to mention the family).

If I were you I'd cut it down a bit - and ditch the flowers.

surf98/dgeorge said...

David, I think you are probably right.
It's problem that unfortunately I have had all my life.
Ideas are never the issue, carrying them out to a successful outcome is.
I release that I am time lacking in the blogging area at the moment but I have no intention of stopping this time. I have had too much positive feedback as well as learning a lot to do that.

I have a terrible habit of taking far too much on, currently as well as my usual full-time teaching work. I am designing the interiors with structural alterations (fixtures, storage, flooring, custom made tables and of course colour and the rest) for a student study/work area, a systems and control room, as well as a library and a performance/theatre hall! Sounds better than it is and it is sort of exciting, and yes I know it is too much!

I also I have to get the next surfing article for the July Go2 magazine written by Sunday/Monday, you guessed it I haven't even started it.

I have always valued your thoughts and opinion so as of tonight I am going to close a few of the extra things that I am ‘trying to do’ and stay with 'what I know', and that isn’t flowers!

Thank you

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Wow great picture

surf98/dgeorge said...

Thanks paula, I still haven't found the name of the rose.
Hope you are well and you have some surf. It is flat here for the weekend after 6 solid days of sun and surf (& I missed them all!).