Wednesday, June 20, 2007

>> go skateboarding day 2007

tomorrow (thursday 21.06.07) is go-skateboarding-day-2007 and all across the world skaters of all types and ages will be going skating. I am no longer part of the brighton skate scene as I moved to cornwall years ago my son gabes is. I am sure that during the day he will be going skateboarding.

as part of the event the vans skateboard team will be at the west pier brighton around 2pm. now the reason I am interested in the vans team is that they have some old school skaters as well as contemporary skaters, I will always consider myself old school, I first went skating in the 70's and that was in brighton then later london. since moving to cornwall the skate possibilities stopped as the old school skateboard parks became derelict, and generally we have less tarmac, and concrete down here, so the beach becomes the way to go and surfing the real deal.
however more recently some repairs and rebuilding has happened and I now have some good skate parks close by, and good friend and surf98 colleague moby is the man for them (check his surf pictures on the surf98 site).
anyway to add to the skateboard day I thought this video made in brighton might be worth a look.

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