Saturday, May 19, 2007

if only >> drawing +

it has been a strange day, annoyed at the week I had been through with all the best laid plans I had, failing and falling through my hands. I was in a self imposed denial looking and thinking too hard and what might have been really stressing and stuff.
when I stopped and noticed my son very quietly drawing.

I remember the positive childish freedom I had before I learnt stuff, and had to try be 'creative' as I got older and thought and learnt more at 'school' some good, some not.

I watched for a while and noticed that he was so happy simply drawing because he wanted to. making little noises as he drew was a humbling and motivational moment, managing to change the original subject of this blog completely.

I realistically see the process of his concentration and enjoyment, was/is far greater than what was produced, but does that matter?
if only I could realise that in a project?

not connected I have to mention a couple of stand out blogs I found today.

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