Sunday, April 15, 2007

another skateboard video >> but with a difference

yes I know it is only two days ago that I was saying how lazy I had been posting two videos in a row but I had to put this one up.
it must have taken ages to make and not only that but finger skate boards I have found are harder to master than the full size ones, as anyone who has read this blog for a while or who knows me I have skated as well as surfed for more than 30 years!
my friend micky from france, probably saw this ages ago as it was made by alexis milant another cool french guy and has been doing the rounds I think on french blogs. any way give it a chance if you like it let me know.

film by alexis milant email: alexismilant ( at) gmail (dot) com

as I have been thinking about france and I have to say I really like the stubbornness of the french, especially in design not to pander to the english/americian mould of web use-ability instead as with so much they create their own.
two more french more sites to check french language based search engine/fact finder a free web creation site but a bit better?


Micky said...


Yes i create a blog for exalead. It's the french version of goolge, but create by a French people.

And for the little story, i work for, i create a lot of website into UWL (
Ex :,, ...

PS : sorry for my english.

surf98/dgeorge said...

est-ce que micky, j'ai fait une erreur est votre emplacement par blog pour l'exalead, et l'exalead est-il créé mon quelqu'un d'autre ? Je suis désolé pour ceci. Je suis sûr que les gens qui regardent ce blog pourront comprendre ce qui est votre travail. J'ai mis le lien au site Web ( de sorte que les gens voient les autres emplacements que vous créez. J'espère que vous pardonnez mes choses de fabrication différentes pour vous mais il est vraiment désolé tout bon pour mon Français. dites surfer et ayez l'amusement David