Wednesday, January 07, 2009

it's always about something

over the last few months I have been trying out new ways of getting students to communicate, while all the time I am becoming very tired even annoyed by the social network side of the internet. today I introduced them to a site I set up called sum-thing, they seem to have fun creating profiles and messaging as well as fulfilling many of the learning objectives I had planned, not all bad it is perhaps just me.

I have found myself getting really fed up with 'social networks' last night, while checking facebook (why I keep doing it I just don't know, I closed down the myspace account I had months ago). why am I concerned about things that some people I know some I don't really know are doing on days when I wasn't even near?

better still I have started to draw/design on pieces of paper again!
I realise that sounds odd but I had almost stopped drawing. but it felt so nice to write things down, could just be a passing phase but something is changing for the better.

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