Monday, November 17, 2008

cars and stuff (moan)

I doubt it's just me, but each time my car goes wrong, which is thankfully not that often. I become extra well for want of a better word 'stressed', almost as if suddenly I have lost a bit of freedom. I do live in an area where public transport especially after dark is pretty much non existent so rely on my car too much.

I am without my car today, it went bang on friday. I didn't hit anything I think a prop-shaft bracket broke so made my land rover un-drivable. lucky enough I was able to walk to work today but forgotten just how wet you can get walking home in a cornish sea-side town when its windy and rainy, and you are not out for a proper walk. I would have enjoyed the walk on a summer evening or even if I had worn the correct clothing. tomorrow though I have to travel further so in need a car, luckily/hopefully I can use carols but no doubt I will be stressing at the price of repair as well.

like computers cars are one of the few things that cost a heap of money, and keep costing money until we eventually give up, give them away, them sell them or end up scrapping them there surely should be a better way.

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