Monday, November 03, 2008

back from france

well after almost 2000 miles of driving in the last week, through paris twice the second time at probably the busiest time of year (outside august). seeing proper snow as well as warm sunshine. I am back in cornwall obviously tired but pleased with a week of seeing different things. as usual over the coming weeks I will be sure to bore you with more pictures of things I find attractive, starting today. these pictures were taken in beaune (nr. dijon) a beautiful place famous for its 15th century hospital.


roktraktor said...

Hi David

You may be really interested in a book written by my good friend Dominic:

He rode 4000 miles around 4 wine regions in France (which took him about 7 months), including Burgundy, where he visited Beaune.
When he returned I designed the book as he was finishing the writing and it was one of the most stressfull things (work and friendship) I’ve ever done. Burgundy was one of his favourite regions and he met some amazing characters there.

But the result was worth it, with good really ratings on Amazon. He is now chief wine buyer for Averys in Bristol.

Worth a look if you love France.



surf98/dgeorge said...

thanks for the comment just had a look at the web description of the book. I can relate to the working with friends situation, sometimes it is much easier to design good stuff if you are not friends or even f you don't like each other.
it looks like fun though.
& yes I do love france.