Thursday, September 25, 2008

live lounge >> one day like this

I have to be honest I am not a regular listener to bbc radio 1. much as I love music I prefer to have more control over the music I choose to listen to. so its an ipod for me with range of music that I usually listen to shortly before I go to sleep each night. I normally find my radio at home and in the car tuned to bbc radio 4

but yesterday my wife emailed me (while I was at work) with a link to the radio 1 (jo wiley's) live lounge because a band that I have much time for, snow patrol were performing a version of another band I also have lots of time for elbow's song 'one day like this'.

Any way I was very pleased to recieve the link and had a look and listen and was very peased with what I saw and heard, if you haven't already visit this page and click on the one day like this video link

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