Friday, September 05, 2008

lifeguard hoodies & stuff | sign the petiton against them

more of a serious moan than a normal blog post, but I have to do something this topic actually makes me angry. a while ago I joined the facebook group BAN NEWQUAY LIFEGUARD HOODIES AND ALL SIMILAR MERCHANDISE & today I became the 93 person to sign a petition to restormal borough council (cornwall) in support of this ban.

apart from the very obvious danger it creates (they really are pretty tacky pieces of clothing). if you surf or swim in the ocean even use the beach and have any common sense you will want to sign the petition here to get this banned. after all it is illegal in the UK to impersonate a policeman, a paramedic, a fireman, why should lifeguards be different. any way enough moaning, have a think and then sign it electronically here

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