Tuesday, September 23, 2008

best laid plans

for ages now I have been meaning to re-brand my surf forecast site surf98 because it is something I run pretty much on my own. with a bit of help as far as eye-ball forecasts (wind/weather checks) and photos. but all the design work/web scripting is done my me. luckily the site continues to be pretty well visited but its visitors are really only looking for the surf/wave size and the weather conditions so I simply continue to update those details every day but that is about it. I really would/should like to find the time to move it on but I have so many other things to get done first.

I have never put aside enough time to 're-brand' properly. as with many things that are not money driven, or commissioned by some one else it has been left, as have the ideas to change it. they come and go before even seeing the light of web (never mind day). it is a shame but a reality of the way/system I have chosen to be part of.

I now realise that the next re-design will be a while away but as least I managed to start on the last one. even this one shown above is just good enough, so it's on to the next re-design (in my mind any way).

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