Wednesday, August 20, 2008

august day >> it's dull but positive

today has been another day of trying to get things done. having achieved a bit I found myself waiting by the river near home. I was driving luca around in his preparation for his part in the hidden art exhibition (he is off to godolphin house in the morning). as usual while I wait anywhere I always try to find things that interest me. while waiting looking at the river I started thinking about the photo post cards that I first saw in the 1960's as below (I was just a child then). where often the colours were slightly too bright and the layers were sometimes out of registration. I took this photo (above) as the dull light was making any bright colours more prominent. it is hardly a great advert for a summer (august) day in cornwall, but I was pleased with the way its dullness made it attractive.

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Beach Bum said...

Heh dude - came across your site as I spotted some of your visitors had nipped across to my place from the link you kindly posted. Like your site a lot and appreciate the link so I've reciprocated under "Beach Bum's Best Bloggers". BTW Was at that Hidden Art expo at Godolphin ... some great stuff on show esp the girl who made those wood panels with the pewter inlays...keep up the wood gork!