Wednesday, August 06, 2008

another day >> more surfing stuff

I really spoke too soon as regard the rip curl boardmasters this week. I haven't driven over to watch from the beach & now feel guilty abut making any bad comments about it here or to others. I have been watching it pretty much all day today online

have to say that lee barlett (pictured above) did & is doing a fantastic job this week. talking for more than 10 hours today (commentating on the surfing through the day). it was like listening to test match special as a lot of on the time was spent talking around the facts, interesting as well as funny. I was pleased to hear dave reed (contest director, pictured below) explaining just how important the contest judges are. as a surf judge I do the (british and open) kneeboard contests as well as the the cornish schools and some of the lesser qualifying events, it is always good to know that people realise how important the judges are. any way it was a great days surfing today where ever you were watching it from. hope the rest of the week is good too.

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