Wednesday, July 09, 2008

tour de france >> mark cavendish

as followers of this blog will know I am a very keen follower of the the tour de france having been lucky enough to have watched stages n both france and in england on its two occasional visits.. and today is a good day for british cycling fans, as world madison champion, super fast sprinter 23 year old mark cavendish won todays stage (the fifth) from cholet to chateauroux. this years longest stage. there is as I have said before something so special about 'le tour', as I mentioned yesterday I am off to france on friday to the ardeche region. so not to see the tour this year but may well get a chance to pop down to narbonne so watch the stage down there as it is near and fits with the timing of other things. but that's silly to be decided. something I will say that I am still impressed with the online coverage especially from the tour de france official site, as well as the guardian online and surprising as it is to me the telegraph is good as well. 
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