Monday, June 30, 2008

busy weekend

I am still recovering from the weekend, not on a bad way it was a lovely weekend drove up to sussex for my parents golden wedding anniversary. 50 years of being married, some feat. we drove for just over 5 hours on saturday morning to get near their home around lunch time put up our accommodation (yes a family tent) at the foot of the sussex downs. then drove over to the hall and gardens where the celebrations were being held. people (family & friends) came from all over. as far away as south africa, the usa, italy and even actually next door to the hall where we had the meal. it was a fantastic day, and I felt humbled to be part of a family that for supports each other (for the most part) all the time, with only an occasional falling out! we drove back home to cornwall yesterday evening, through the sunshine and traffic of a west country summer weekend. today I have been so tired that I can hardly remember what day it is or what I have done though I have been at work all day. I will no doubt at sometime put some pictures of the event here to indulge my self even . but until then I am to get back in to things here, and hopefully get some rest.

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