Tuesday, May 06, 2008

some times I don't get things done >>

some of the time a few of us don't get the stuff they really like done. perhaps I am talking about myself. as I expect many of those of you that read this will have projects waiting in the back of you mind for the day when time the paid work is done that you will actually get finished.

for some reason I (still) have so many ideas, but I never complete them, leaving them half finished. one project I had set myself to finish over a year ago was a complete re-design of the surf98 web site. it never got done as so many other projects (the ones that pay the bills) were more important, most of them now are finished.

it has been so long that the first and last time this design rough will be online is today as I am already starting on yet another update/re-design hopefully the new one will see the light of day. even though I still think it could work I have thought about it and re-worked it so much I can't see for looking. so as with so much else will never find its way forward.

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