Thursday, May 22, 2008

not sure why? been thinking gliders?

I am not really sure why, perhaps it is because the last 3 days have been very busy. even with a little tension as well as emotion for me. but today as I sat down and relaxed I remembered a day in the early summer some 30 years ago when I was at the beach on a very sunny day, not more than a mile from where I now live. playing as a teenager with a model glider from a company based in bend, oregon, USA. I can't remember the name of the manufacturer (I would be more than happy if someone could add a comment if they know of a model plane maker from there). any way I managed to get the smallish glider in to a rising thermal, just with a lucky throw. the glider then circled above the beach with a probably more than a hundred people watching. it stayed airborne for more than 20 minutes before it disappeared out to sea never to be seen again. I remember in my glorious naivety thinking that I must have broken a world record. I even asked strangers to give me written statements to witness that they had seen it happen! I then sent all the information to the company fully expecting them to get back to me with some kind of reward or prize, well they never did. yes I really was that naive. any way it is funny how things disappear from ones thoughts only to return at the strangest times.
the pictures have no relation to the story. I just liked them!!


roktraktor said...

Found one reference to a Chuck’R glider patented by North Pacific Products Inc. filed by a Charles H Cleveland as knockdown toy glider, in 1956. US Patent no. 2739414. Could this be it?

Enjoy your blog by the way.

surf98/dgeorge said...

North Pacific inc. sounds so familiar Dan, I can remember their blue logo, well it is blue in my memory I will check.
Many thanks for the comment.
David George (dgthekneelo)