Thursday, May 08, 2008

its all about go2 today >>

sorry but I had to mention go2 again today. 
just longer than a year ago I received an email from rachel from the then yet to be published magazine (to be based in south east cornwall) asking me to think about writing a piece about surfing (my other passion) to be included a new lifestyle & listings magazine. I did write something and subsiquently managed to write an article for every issue over the year. in that time the magazine has become a very well read and informative addition to the published media in the area as well as online. am not pretending that it is because of my articles by any means as there is so much more interesting stuff in it. viv, rachel, matt and the production team are consistantly responsible for producing a quality free magazine. I just hope that the magazine continues to grow and becomes even more well read, and hope that I can continue to write for them. 

happy birthday go2

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