Tuesday, April 15, 2008

noise awareness day >>

strange but a few years ago I would have hardly noticed that it was noise awareness day today. I never really thought about it. my hearing is ok, my tolerance to certain noises is becoming more noticeable. things like ill fitting ipod headphones leaking sound or a nintendo ds too loud or even the TV turned up too loud (for me any-way).

the main reason I even thought about noise awareness day is because of my son (ben) he cannot hear in the same way as me or perhaps you. he is classed as deaf and needs hearing aids. I am amazed that people think that hearing aids return his hearing to normal whatever that is they don't. all things considered he does very well indeed in a hearing world. hearing sound or silience is so important. perhaps the best thing we can do today (if possible) is be able to listen to the silience.

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