Thursday, April 17, 2008

max bruch, sunshine, and my old school >>

my old school (now)

I am not sure why but today when I got home I felt much better than I did yesterday. yes it was really sunny and that always makes a difference even had a meeting after work that was productive, its not always the case.
then after having a think I decided, for some strange reason decided that I needed to listen to bruch perhaps an odd choice but still. the piece that he is most famous for his violin concerto no.1 in g minor makes me think of going to school in sussex seems a very long tine ago now (over 30 years) but more that so much has changed rather than the actual number of years past.


Cecelia said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Your old school looks a lot like my old school in Calvert, Texas. We didn't have the additions that you have on the right, however.
Lots of memories there.

surf98/dgeorge said...

thanks for the comment cecelia, glad it brought back some memories for you. dgthekneelo