Wednesday, March 26, 2008

six fin flex-tail >> it looks crazy >> but it might just work!!

I have just received these pictures from longtime kneeboard surfer, kneeboard design guru, and good friend chris cockett & I had to post about it.

generating speed, keeping a low centre of gravity and being able to change direction quickly make kneeboard surfing (to my mind) a much purer way of surfing. kneeboard surfers are constantly searching for better ways of doing this.
this newly designed board specifically for tight powerful turns hasn't been through full testing but is set to see more action in the next few days.

I wait to hear more from chris as he is still testing the six fin flex-tail kneeboard.

I have mentioned before in this blog as a kneeboard surfer my board of choice is a swallow tailed quad. perhaps the six fin is the future, with many thanks to chris for the photos. chris's web site

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sharkbait said...

Do you know how I can in touch with Chris Crockett? Interested in a flex tail.