Wednesday, March 12, 2008

pland >> too much to do

I was pleased to receive an email today that wasn't work related. a surfing friend steve sent me this picture (taken today) of a place I love to surf when I get the chance. I seem to have been crumbling under the pressure of so many different tasks. so a picture of what looks like a good solid wave was enough to ease the pressure a little. steve did say that the wind was very strong and the spray was making it difficult to see, when actually in the water.

I almost forgot that today was mr darlings first budget speech I haven't read it yet, only the more comments already published online. evan davis is a person who's views, all be it through the bbc, I tend to agree his thoughts more often than not. but back to the sea. we have had some extreme weather in cornwall in the last few days.

as usual I have been looking at the significant wave height for the end if the week. I was pleased to see a nice paisley shape in the forecast for friday this week. not just a nice shape on the graphic but the waves in that area will be rather large.

graphic courtesy of magic seaweed


davidthedesigner said...

'A nice Paisley shape' - and to think how much you used to dislike that sort of thing!

surf98/dgeorge said...

Perhaps it is just time getting to me, I wonder what I will learn to like next.