Friday, March 14, 2008

the ides of march

I am not sure why but around this time of year I seem to get anxious, perhaps it is embedded from being at school as a pupil (rather than a teacher). when we learnt shakespeare's soothsayer's warning to julius caesar, "beware the ides of march". though the expression "ides of march" doesn't really mean a bad time, it simply means "march 15th." I don't really think of march as a bad time just that so much is changing that probably is making me anxious. the days are finally getting noticeably longer and the weather warmer.

with new things happening naturally. it makes me think that I should be doing even more new stuff my self, perhaps that's more likely to be the reason for my un-rest than some roman saying adopted by shakespeare. oh well I had better get on with it then.


Akinol said...
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