Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wash your hands

for some reason I was quietly looking my computer while checking some stuff on the internet, and planning some teaching stuff. when I saw this photo.

I am not sure if I consciously remembered that I had a tee shirt the same as that when I was a similar age. unusually I followed it to find that it was used in for a promotion to get people to wash their hands which led me on to reading a whole load of stuff about washing hands and how infection is/can be controlled by doing this.
perhaps it is so simple that so many people take it for granted especially in northern europe. but in a short time today I noticed that most people didn't wash their hands as often as I do. even after using the loo, and before and after eating.
so easy to get obsessive as I always used to clean my hands before I could draw anything (I would be worried that I might make the paper dirty) I still find myself washing them before I use a computer. not such a strange thing especially in an educational setting as most computers are used by many different people through each day.
before I get paranoid I will stop and go wash my hands.
leaving you with a few links I followed while simply checking a good picture, (who ever was the picture editor for the campaign certainly caught my attention).
dept of health

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