Wednesday, January 16, 2008

what has scrabble got to do with it?

picture from teaandcakes

well nothing really the last couple of days have been rather busy with normal work as well as the ellie's haven marketing push so if I am really tired and really busy I have to say that I do like a good game of scrabble not very 'rock & roll' I realise but still. have to say as well I hate to loose, but find it relaxing in an alternatively stressful way. I was lucky enough to be given a travel scrabble set for christmas, so as well as using it when travelling I can also play it in bed, even less 'rock & roll'.

so now it is back to more emailing of people and more planning for some staff training tomorrow, just hope I manage a few triple word scores before I get to sleep tonight.
I won't be loosing any sleep over the fact that the application written for facebook 'scrabulous' has been asked to be removed from the facebook social network site. there is a time and a place for a computer, perhaps. however even I agree with the ruling.
night, night.

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Carol said...

What we get up to in bed is our own business!