Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fiat 500 >> car of 2008 >> I like it

I have always liked the fiat 500, maybe it is because as a small child I thought that italy was cool, and every one at school liked the mini.
many years have passed and I probably like the relaunched fiat 500 for the same reasons. strange perhaps coming from some one who drives a land rover (and likes it as well) but still. I like the fiat 500 very much indeed, small and sensible for short city based journeys as well as being cute.

seems others do as well as it has had many good reviews since it was let loose on europe early last year. the closest I will probably get to having one of my own I expect is to make the paper model below. incidentally you can find plan drawings for many other cars at it's well worth a look if you have some time.more fiat 500 links
fiat 500
fiat showroom

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