Tuesday, December 04, 2007

yorkshire surfing?? >> its easy to be west country centric

having read about as well as watched the footage of the amazing surfing over this past weekend, I managed (for a while at least) to remove the blinkers I must have as far as the UK and surfing. I am one of those people, guilty of thinking that good surf only really happens in the west country more especially in cornwall.

strange really as I spent some time in sussex chasing surf up and down the channel coast some years ago before settling down here in cornwall. in the time spent in sussex I did surf some very good days and though it was by comparison quite rare it did get big and powerful.
scarborough north yorkshire (contest pic) via secret spot surf shop

I am often also guilty of only thinking that I have to go south to france or spain to get good waves outside of cornwall but I know that glamorous as these places are it is about time that I travelled in this country.
so to this end I am planning a trip to north yorkshire in february 2008 yes it will be very cold and yes it is a long way from cornwall but I have never surfed in yorkshire and I think I should at least visit and hopefully get in the water before making any more judgements.

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