Wednesday, October 31, 2007

all a bit of a rush >> space

it has all been a bit busy on the 'house of george' in the last few days I am almost looking forward to going back to teaching stuff next week as it will be a bit less stressful, well it probably won't but it feels like that today.
my eldest son luca has moved from brighton to live with us while he goes to college which is really nice so I have spent a lot of the day organising a room partition so that he has his own much needed space. as well as putting up a new bedroom wall light for my youngest son ben, the partition made his space a bit dark. all pretty routine for most people I know but still, I don't really do d.i.y. unless its painting walls which I enjoy.

anyway I have very nearly thought myself to sleep today. so I wanted to put up a picture just to make me remember just why I choose to live in the area I do, and surprisingly it is not a surf picture.

it's one carol took yesterday while she was walking on the moors with ben and her mum (who has been down for a few days from south yorkshire). it shows the space we are luckily enough to live near never mind room partitions.

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