Wednesday, September 26, 2007

powerpoint >> I have started using it again

I expect anyone who knows me will be very surprised that I have started using powerpoint as both something to teach as well as a tool for teaching (not that much).
for the last 3 or 4 years I have been getting new year 7 pupils to create presentations (& e-portfolio's) using dreamweaver and flash. this year however I went back to what I was doing a few years ago and to my surprise the level of pupil application knowledge was more limited than previous years.
I think that it is from using social networking sites like myspace, bebo, and the like as very little user input is required (templates are the norm). very few pupils even consider layout except if there is a wizard for them. I don't have a big problem with these sites as if nothing else the have broken down the fear factor of computer use with the under 18's.
going back to powerpoint has actually made pupils consider how to construct/design a good presentation as well as making sure that content is the most important thing of all.

poor content can never be dressed up to produce anything worthwhile what ever software application you use. one thing hasn't changed I really have a problem with custom animation I hate it, it doesn't make things better!

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