Monday, July 23, 2007

le tour >> marketing

more french stuff but this is different. I am really interested in road racing/cycling and have always been excited by the 'le tour de france'. the most famous bike race in the world, and of course the most watched. with only a week to go the tour is still looking really interesting and still one of about 4 riders could win.

what I also have noticed is the way it is marketed the control that the french governing body in conjunction with cycling's governing body (based in switzerland) control every thing from the teams that are allowed to compete to the way all merchandise is designed and the way the logo is used. even the riders are paid in swiss francs!

sounds like a situation of complete dictatorship? I don't think so having been in france last week and experiencing the way the french people and visitors enjoy the racing as well as the TV coverage.

to me it is a creative experience. just look at the official web site le tour, and check a few of the competing team sites discovery for instance, along with confidis & liquigas just to get a flavour of the fantastically creative use of the internet to promote what is only a bike race!

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