Wednesday, July 18, 2007

france >> ardeche

I have been to the ardeche region of france many times but each time it is a wonderful surprise. this year the day before our two day descent we had the most amazing thunderstorms I have seen there.
lasting for over three hours whipping around the gorge emptying rain into the river and across the mountains. it almost meant we had to postpone the start for another day. we didn't and were treated to a fast roller coaster, rapid filled (canoe) paddle for the first day. the second day the river got less furious so the water became clear and the sunshine came out.

we had two great days on the river with a night under the stars on the river side, I can't say enough it was, and always has been a treat; no mobile telephone coverage, no wi-fi so no blogging and of course no email. in some areas you are more than 60km from the nearest house.
hope to be back again next year. (and yes it was work! as I was part of a team looking after 41 students).

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