Monday, July 30, 2007

cars >> fuel etc.

I went to a kind of summer carnival thing over the weekend luckily the weather was ok. what I didn't know was there was a small car show as well. I spent ages boring my 9 year old showing him the cars that I wanted when I was a child they had even a ford escort mexico there, I really thought they were cool in the 70's. I remember the ford zodiac, and just had to get a picture.

there was also a kind of gathering of smart cars, the first thing my son did when we saw them all was laugh! I know it is not green or right, and as the owner of a 4x4 I am not really doing my bit as far as green transport but still it gave me something to think about.

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Anonymous said...

that red and black smart car is the one that slowed me down on the way home from work on sunday morning. I wish green didn't mean slow.