Sunday, June 10, 2007

rationalisation started >>

I have been doing even more thinking than usual. instead of finding things to take a picture of and write some inane comment about, I thought I would rationalise this blog malarkey (or try to).
I have spent hours considering whether it is worth carrying on with this blog every day.
as with so many things I am not doing it for money, but I am doing it for me and hopefully you.
just a short comment from davidthedesigner last week, he has known me since I was a little student, (more than 27 years) so he is allowed to question me. followed by a conversation later on with carol, who said 'she must thank david for pointing out the bleedin' obvious that I couldn't see for myself'.

so rationalisation started, no more podcast, no more davo - (mobile), might even stop doing some other stuff. I have taken off two of the six email addresses that forward to my blackberry, I mean how important do I think I am! stuff can wait!

any way the rationalisation starts as of now
I will only update the blog monday to friday.
I will try to keep it positive and for the most part design based.
I will obviously include surfing stuff when ever I can.

one (extra) thing I will not stop doing is the surf writing and obviously surf98 website.
I have to finish the next article for Go2 magazine July's edition to finish by monday night. good news Go2 it now available online as a .pdf file so you can read it anywhere in the world.

it feels as though I am starting again with a clearer mind so I have changed the look and feel of the blog and actually feel happy about it again, that has got to be good.

now I might concentrate on my day job a bit more!

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