Tuesday, May 29, 2007

after a couple of days >> thoughts about hospitals

I didn't think it would be easy to stay away from this blog for a couple of days good but I did. it was so good to receive positive messages whilst I was away. so regards to paula hope you had some good waves this past weekend. troy thank you for your comments. special mention goes to andrew for checking that I really do have a problem with the way things are arranged, and also feistyred for making me think even more about how children can draw and enjoy drawing without being self conscious.
any way enough catching up and to the reason for today's blog.

I as usual always try to have a look at stuff wherever I go. today I went of the main city hospital as carol had an outpatients appointment (she is well it was a positive appointment). as usual I was looking up and almost enjoying the new section of the building shown in the picture below.

the shapes and shadows of the design of this building I thought were quite pleasing. this is a view out of a waiting room where I seemed to spend a long time. as long as I looked out of the window it was ok.

if only the same amount of time and money where spent on the interior. I pitched for a job designing textiles (curtains, etc.) for a health authority but we didn't agree on some stuff so it never really got going further that initial design drawings.

I wish that some one had been employed to design the interior of this hospital. I fully understand that the work of a hospital is not the same as a 'design studio' and there are more important things to consider as far as live saving. however there is no possible doubt that people recover better and even quicker if their environment is conducive to well being.
the chairs are so depressing (even though I like the colour!) it was the wipe clean plastic covers that I didn't like. as well as the combination of pale pigment less colour scheme. the new section of the build would have been specified, and though about with a chance to change the ever lasting corridors that really do my head in. I am sure that the is a better way of using the space even making the corridors perhaps not as straight, while keeping them accessible to all the emergency needs and wide enough to make it possible to visit without compromising the privacy of an inpatient.

by the time I left the hospital I felt like the last picture (this is the entrance/exit) that of course I have played about it a bit and I hadn't even seen anyone for anything wrong with me! perhaps that is why I spent so much time looking about.

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