Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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I said in yesterdays post that 'the hub' thing would be continued, and in a sense it is being as tonight I am going to spend some time away from a computer creating some pencil drawn visualisations for another project but pretty much born out of 'the hub'.
sorry to be cryptic I can't say much more as like so many things we do in design-land so often the thinking is done, the images created and the expectation ends in nothing. so enough 'the hub' will return..........

to the second and totally unrelated part of today's post it has been sunny again as has most of the UK. and my thoughts for a while drifted to summers past. a major part of summertime when I was young was long days with no surf (still true) with nothing to do but hang out (well that's changed) something most surfers do through days like that would be to go skateboarding.

now you must have realised by now that I am no longer a young man but I still go skateboarding. I considered today perhaps that I should skateboard the journey to work each day. then I remembered a day in sunny (all excepting?) brighton having a lovely time weaving in and out of people on the long flat promenade, until I was actually stopped by a friendly looking middle aged couple who said without sarcasm "aren't you a bit old to do that dear". I was in my mid 30's then, and what's more it was over 10 years ago!! but I live in cornwall it would be fine no-one would care if I was 99 and naked skateboarding is so common place.

so when I got home today I went straight for the skateboard to have a quick skate ready for the short journey to work tomorrow morning. I haven't been 100% in the last few months I have moaned on before about having major problems with my shoulder and stuff. my legs work so I didn't think it would be a problem.
well all I can say is that it didn't go too well. I will not be skating to work in the morning. trust me you need both shoulders working properly when you try a hand-plant tail-slide on a steep cornish road.

anyway my skateboard still looks nice!

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Carol said...

I'm not sure it would be ok to skateboard naked to work love. xx

surf98/dgeorge said...

your probably right. x