Tuesday, March 13, 2007

howies >> it's not just an advert, promise

I know in one of my many other guises I run a surf website surf98, and lately blogs have been infiltrated by advertising companies but this post is not produced from anything except a catalogue that was sent to carol.

I got my hands on it because she thought correctly that I might like the way it was produced and designed for howies.

She also showed me a dress that she liked. the more I looked and handled the book I am now calling it and read the text actually holding it. I realised that this company a bit like fatface (used to do) were tapping into people like me, who really want to make a difference to the future still! though often in some way feel uncomfortable with too much excess, but still are precious about things being correct whether in design (clothes or otherwise) or for the world.

david hieatt their co-founder writes in the introduction to the book about being concerned about our environment to the extent of canceling an overseas photo shoot in favour of doing the shoot for the summer 07 catalogue in a shed in cardigan, wales in mid-winter.

the company that produced this howies sell a lifestyle as well as some really quite good clothes but I am as interested in their presentation, design and photography, the book/catalogue was designed by nick hand, photography by jon matthews and nick hand, printed by cousin (have a look at their website if you are not aware of their work as printers producing carbon zero productions). I am afraid as much as I would like to be able to give away a few of their books/catalogues I only have one and need to keep that because carol wants to get a dress from them and for a while it could be one of those precious things I was talking about. you can just go to their website and order a copy or just have a look at a .pdf version to be more carbon neutral, that is if you buy in to that argument.

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