Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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looking round a few different blogs I came across matt thornton's blog, I remembered him from somewhere then realised he is a part-time surf photographer as well as a number of other things then it clicked (excuse the pun) matt has a link up from my web site surf98 to his photo page (temporally offline) so check his flickr gallery well worth checking some really worthy pictures.
he has a lot more to say about the surfing type if there is one, just thought I would add this as he has a link to surf98. so thanks matt hope you keep adding to your depiction of the surfing fraternity even include the brand of surfing some of us prefer kneeboarding.
while on the subject of surf blogs and I don't really want to bore you all with a long list I must just mention bloggsd. A surf school an intersting topical blog and so much more some great photos and some interesting personal views from the gower, wales.
photo darcyM, surfer chris 'bro' diplock

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