Monday, February 05, 2007

friends >> davidthedesigner

I have been looking at loads of blogs and was pleased to find longtime friend david hyde has been publishing stuff for a while. david, a very successful designer and a really good man is posting the sort of things that would interest me any way, so I count myself lucky that I can call him a friend. the link and words from his site are just a bonus. check out his article hanging out with the surf dudes while you are there have a good look round so much good stuff to read and see. thanks david, it would be nice to meet up sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

OK - just remember, though, that sometimes you have to turn your back on the surf and hang out with the design dudes.

(And I'm not sure that I'm successful, by the way. But I'm still trying.)

surf98s said...

I have never stopped hanging with the design dudes in my head, it's something I don't have a choice about and I am pleased that I always consider from a design perspective whatever it might be.
Still designing is success as far as I am concerned.