Friday, February 23, 2007

couple of things >> yesterday & tomorrow

carol and ben went in to the pictures today and out of interest (mine) I asked if they well carol could get a picture of the interior of the McDonalds with the green outside from yesterday. as you can see upstairs where this was taken, makes no reference to McDonalds at all. not that it was a question but the place that I went to yesterday with the nice coffee was M&S.

looking through the surf sites as I do I found that London will soon be getting its own wave. an huge indoor surf park boasting machine-generated waves is being planned. called the Surfdome, the first of its kind in Europe, will feature a 75m long pool recreating perfect surfing waves. apparently able to create breaking waves up to 8ft high. I have been to a few places in europe with an artificial wave machines and they have been a bit rubbish. lets hope that this one is good as it will keep the London hordes away from cornwall! (joke) as a full time resident of cornwall it can get a bit crowded in the water with summer surfers. they should come down this weekend with the waves we have currently 8ft and some, water temperature is 10C and air temperature about the same. I am not really a cornish independence protester but I was reminded of the cost of living down here when the water bill came this morning, the highest water bills in the UK by far!

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